North Hays County Fire/Rescue is a combination department consisting of a career and volunteer staff. We provide services to 244 square miles of Northern Hays County. The department has 6 stations located in and around the surrounding areas of Dripping Springs, Driftwood, and Henly, Texas. Station 1 is located in Dripping Springs and has three firefighters on duty at all times. Station 2 is located in Driftwood and has two firefighters on duty at all times. Volunteers are on call at all times and often staff other stations within our department. Firefighters are separated into A, B, and C shifts and work a 48/96hr work cycle.


Scott Collard Fire Chief

Scott Collard
Fire Chief

Chief Scott Collard began his fire service career in 1988 with the Northeast Volunteer Fire Department in San Antonio at the age of 17 as a ”junior” firefighter. After turning 18, he was promoted to the position of firefighter with Northeast VFD. He states that he owes a debt of gratitude to the Northeast VFD, its members and the governing board for sponsoring him to attend the San Antonio Regional Fire Academy in spring of 1990. Scott graduated from the fire academy and started EMT Basic training two weeks later. He was blessed with his first paid fire service job in Harker Heights, Texas in April of 1991. He obtained his certification as a Paramedic in 1994 at the Methodist Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Scott has a diverse background of experience which includes service in an all-volunteer, all-career, combination and overseas fire service organizations. He currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science and maintains numerous certifications including Master Firefighter, Instructor III, Inspector III, Fire Investigator, Fire Officer III and EMS Instructor.


Todd Colvin
Assistant Chief / Fire Operations

Todd’s career began with North Hays County VFD in 1994, as a volunteer firefighter. Throughout the years with NHC VFD, he received numerous promotions and eventually was the very last fire chief for the then all volunteer department. During his tenure with NHC VFD, Todd received the Firefighter of the Year award four times and served on the VFD board of directors. Previously he held positions for Travis County Fire Control (TCESD4) and Horseshoe Bay Fire Department. Todd received his firefighter certification from Taylor Fire Training Academy through Austin Community College. Todd became a full time Battalion Chief for North Hays County Fire/Rescue in 2008. He is currently the Assistant Chief of Operations and has served as the interim Fire Chief twice since 2008.


Bob Love
Assistant Chief / Volunteers

Bob joined the North Hays County Volunteer Fire Department in 1995 when the department was still all volunteer. He progressed through the ranks of the NHCVFD and then the North Hays County Fire Rescue and currently serves as North Hays County Fire Rescue Assistant Chief of Volunteers. Bob is a State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association certified firefighter and a commissioned firefighter with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as well as holding certifications of Instructor I, Fire Service Inspector, Driver/Operator, Wildland FF and is an EMT. Bob has served on the NHCVFD Board of Directors. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, is a Texas registered professional engineer.


Dillon Polk
Fire Inspector




Jeff O'Leary - Assistant Chief of Training and EMS


Career Staff

Administrative Staff
Sheri Gomez     Office Manager
Alice Almeida   Accounts Payable
Cindy Dooley    Administrative Assistant

A Shift
Kelley, Rayne (LT EMT B)
O'Leary, Jeff (LT EMT B)
Kirk, Ian (FF EMT B)
Cardenas, Joe (D/O EMT B)
Peters, Josh (D/D EMT B)
Vargas, Chris (FF EMT I)
Davidson, Eric (FF EMT B)

B Shift
Chavez, Micheal (LT EMT B)
Humphrey, Chas (LT EMT P)
Fretwell, Steven (D/O EMT B)
Caldwell, Jason (D/O EMT B)
                  Kokemoor, Corby (FF EMT B)               Smith, Evan (FF EMT B)
O’Day, Elizabeth (FF EMT B)

C Shift
Wade, Jacob (LT EMT-B)
Cory Pavlica (LT EMT-B)
Christopher Hartley (D/O EMT-I)
Charles January (D/O EMT-B)
Darryl Fancher (FF EMT-B)
                   Zachary Bergh (FF EMT-B)                                 Pacheco, Jonathan (FF EMT-B)


Volunteer Staff

Henly Battalion
Treadway, Mark (LT)
 Wyche, Michael (FF)
Paxton, James Russell (FF-Trainee)
Wilson, Russell (FF-EMT B)
Willis, Bryan (FF- Trainee)
Alexander, Clayton (FF-Trainee)
Hopkins, William (FF)
Quinn, Stephen (FF-Trainee)
Shelton, Laurie (FF-EMTB)

Driftwood Battalion
         Coffman, Bill (Captain-ECA)               )
Harmeson, Richard (FF)
MacDonald, Scott (FF-Trainee)
Eshelman, Kenneth (FF-ECA)
Six, Don (FF-Trainee)
Owen, Sean (FF-Trainee)
Watkins, Mitchell (FF-Trainee)
Eden, Mike (FF-Trainee)


North Hays Battalion
Love, Bob (Asst. Chief – EMT-B)
Morris, Eric (LT)
Rudolph, Dean (LT ECA)
Carroll, Mike (FF-Trainee)
DiCola, Gerard (FF)
Friesenhahn, David (FF-Trainee)
Ulrich, Manfred (FF-Trainee)
Grolnic, Neal (FF-ECA)
Renker, Kevin (FF-Trainee)
Holzer, John (FF-Trainee)
Felkel, Joe (FF-ECA)
Carroll, Paul (FF)
Czerzniac, John (FF-Trainee)
 Shoopman, Hank (FF EMT B)
Potts, Mark (FF-ECA)
Miller, Scott (FF Trainee)
Miller, Curtis (FF Trainee – ECA)
Nesbitt, Greg (FF)
Raisch, Jim (FF-Trainee)
Penton, Mark (FF)
Oney, Claudia (FF-Trainee)
Whitley, Rod (FF)
Grover, Michael (FF-Trainee)
DeGroot, Gabriel (FF- EMT-B)
Sacks, Benjamin (FF-Trainee)